*Derek Lam..did what??*

Lam created 16 dresses,priced between $125 and $295 and sized from 0 to 16,which he presented at Lincoln Center at a morning Fashion Week presentation. Immediately following the show, shoppers everywhere were invited to view the entire collection and vote for their favorite pieces. The collective consumer voice will determine the five winning dresses that get produced and go on sale in May.
The collection includes seven silhouettes:  the shirt dress, the shift dress, the black tie dress, the t-shirt dress, the chemise dress, the sun dress, and the boho dress.
Indigo denim sun dress, $195

black cotton poplin shift dress with peplum back, $175

white cotton poplin “black tie” evening dress, $275

deep blue silk poplin tee shirt dress, $125
                   (via tfs)

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