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Style icons are almost always bred from the usual celebrity stock of actors, athletes and rock stars. But the business world is occasionally a prime pasture from which to find tastemakers of our time. And there is no better example of that than 
Lapo Elkann.Our favorite New York-born Italian playboy! And what can we say about you Lapo?? You Chic our World. Lapo Elkann is famous for reviving the car company Fiat, chaired by his equally stylish Grandfather Gianni Agnelli he owns also the label 
“Italia Independent”.

 New in our Wishlist :Velvet Sunglasses, "Italia Indepenent"

Click and find out more about the italian designer 
and his label 

I-Xmas Italia Independent, Shop Online here!

* a girl's best friend*

She owns one of the most abundant vintage jewelry collections and one of North America’s premieres collections of vintage costume jewelry collecting all the precious pieces for more than a quarter century. Including more the 20,000 pieces, her collection goes back to Victorian times and this is where Vintage goes hand in hand with antiqueness, guaranteeing unmistakeble uniqueness.

† † twisted Monday † †

Hey Followers, Modeliciousbites here..what is better than a sunny Monday..New Week, New Beginnings..
Come on Everybody...Lets twist again..Oh twist again..
s/s 2013
zac posen 2010

† †love at first sight† †

When I saw you i knew that i had to make you mine my loveskirt. No words can describe my feelings for THE Skirt.. Will be mine,Soon!...just counting down the days!

O.M.Golden Pants.

The best way to wear your Golden pants is to play safe.. with a black or white tshirt and add only some metallic details! Thats will work perfectly.
Have a Golden Day Ladies!xx

*Outside Rain.Inside Love*

             Sometimes rain fits my mood perfectly..and when that happens the only thing i want is to watch  

mood for flowers and sweets


soup in cup

The JADEtribe Style.

I’m pretty sure even the simplest of your casual looks will instantly get a dose of personality once you carry a piece of JADEtribeall handmade in Southeast Asia with traditional textiles and embroidery. All of JADEtribe’s creations are hand woven, hand embroidered, hand beaded, and made from naturally dyed and recycled materials.
Take a look on "The New York Times" review 2 years before, click here!

find them here!!

Monday Trend Watch: BAROQUE

The Baroque Period is an artistic movement that began in Italy in the early seventeenth century and spread throughout Europe, affecting painting, sculpture, music, literature and architecture. Baroque style is characterized by dramatic adornment, exaggerated motion, extravagance, drama and grandeur.There is no escaping Baroque this season, you may even see it multiple times at one magazine stand!

Find more baroque street styles on Modeliciousbites tumblr!

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