***Pete Doherty _dance lessons for "Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle"***

 Pete Doherty is taking waltz lessons for his new movie.
The troubled singer is set to star in French film 'Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle'- which follows the life of 19th century poet and dramatist Alfred de Musset - opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg and has begun preparation for the role but thinks it will take some time for him to get to grips with the fancy footwork.
He wrote on his new website Albionrooms.com: "Today I had my first Waltz lesson, in preparation for the forthcoming film: 'Confession d'un enfant du siecle'. My character must display natural grace and poise - as was expected of a young aristocrat and dandy of 1830s French society. I was going to film the lesson, but it didn't seem appropriate. The teacher was just as I had imagined - straight backed, horsewhip in hand, and a brutal perfectionist. What a day! Ok, and 1-2-3 4-5-6 1-2-3 4-5-6 1-2-3 4-5-6.
"Filming starts on 27th December.The musician also spoke of how much he is enjoying living in Paris and says he spends his days just watching people.
He wrote earlier this week: "Suddenly France would appear to be my home. The river in Paris has few rivals in Europe for really being the city's bobbbing pulse; the in close lapping noose and flow of the Seine. So clean, aussi. Life even! Flustered waves of bright green rushes and freshwater weed and the quick spurt of a fish here and there.
"All the while, gangs of musicians and petty thieves patrol the walkways - the paths that allow one to follow the water all the way along the meandering cobbled tide. Ancient cobbled walls."
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