Choose your favorite fashion t-shirt for this Summer from thousands of available designs (sex pistols,beatles,disney,skull t-shirts,flag t-shirts ect.) and get the celebrity look.Creations that makes heads turn.  Vicky (from C h e v r o n, Κyriazi 30 Kifissia) will help you find your own style that expresses your sexuality..


1.Work the rock & roll tee in a pair of hot-pants,skinny jeans,biker boots,black leggings and ballet flats or even high heels as seen on Marike Le Roux,Agyness Deyn,Linsday and more streetstyles!!

2.Get inspired by the latest fashion looks with people wearing Disney T Shirts...


                      ...and Shop at C h e v r o n,Κyriazi 30 Kifissia!

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