Are You Ready for Valentine's Day?

 Well well well Modeliciousbites followers!
I know that most of you don't really believe in Valentine's Day because you think you should appreciate the ones you love everyday..But its ok..that's not how I feel about this day.. for now.. Its not that i am going to buy my boyfriend a big teddy saying "I love you"  and of course I don't want him to buy me some over the top bright red card but i want to see in his face "that surpise smile".

So one day before the "Valentine's Day" and we have some ideas to seduce you Valentine!

If you are not staying at home, take 5 minutes after you come back! Prepare the bath with Roses and exotic flowers, Champagne and Candles will be a perfect surprise.
Extra tip: add to the water Red Food Coloring and make the water pink-red!

Now, if you are not one of the lucky girls, and you have to do everything on your own, including dinner (then shit, haha joke) we found the best recipe for you and your Valentine. 
Try this recipe and please feel free to sent us your comments, with a personal message..i will definately try to do it,
 this weekend!
To watch the complete video click on LifestyleMirror

Here is some extra tips for your Valentine from VS Angels!


the D'Orsay flats, Jenni Kayne

Well well well chicas..today it was one of these "flatty" days..Sun surprised me again, and because of that my flats had a hard working day..as i was looking to find a new pair of flats, to welcome the unexpected sunny days of February, i found the D'Orsay flats by Jenni Kayne. Oh dear,they are so sexy and so chic at the same time..

 find the D'Orsay flats collection here!xx

(via google pics,instagram,jennikayne)
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